Quick and Simple Ways to Decorate a Cone of Scooped Ice Cream

A cone of scooped ice-cream can be as attractive and exciting as you make it. There are more ways to do this than you’d imagine. Here are some quick and simple ideas to make a cone of scooped ice-cream look a real treat:

-Sprinkles and sweets: Sprinkle chocolate vermicelli, Hundreds and Thousands, rainbow sugar sprinkles, chocolate chips or mini M&Ms on a scoop of ice cream to quickly and easily make it look and taste more fun. These sprinkles and others in various shapes- flowers, cars, or little bears, to mention a few- can be found on your supermarket shelf. Use a mix of them to make your decoration more interesting. You can also make your own sprinkle toppings by crushing Oreo biscuits or your favorite chocolate, coloring coconut or flaked nuts and generously sprinkling these over a scoop of ice cream.

-Cone dip: If you’re a chocoholic, or simply for that added touch, dip the top of the cone in melted chocolate and leave the cone on a tray in the refrigerator to set before use. You can even alternate white and milk chocolate or use a mix of the two, creating milk chocolate strokes or spirals on white chocolate, or vice versa. White chocolate can also be colored with food coloring, so your cone can have a pink, blue or green tip. Mint-green ice cream can, for example, be scooped into a green-tipped cone.

-Give your cone a personality: Use Licorice All Sorts or a mix of sweets and nuts to create a face for your ice cream-be it quirky, scary or cute. A cherry or a few could make for a hat, while pieces of licorice, wafer sticks or finger biscuits can be used as arms. For a double or triple scoop ice cream, a snow man is easy to create and looks great too.

-Syrup: Good old syrup has always made an ice cream look and taste good.

-Let your cone speak: Use sweet alphabets or nuts and M&Ms to spell out a name or words on your ice cream, like “Enjoy!”, or an emoticon like 😛

-Edible images: Edible stickers in various prints and sizes are available in most baking isles in stores, and can simply be stuck on to an ice cream for an easy, yet unique decoration. These edible images are also available in themed prints of popular cartoons and action figures, making kids love them.  

So, decorating scooped ice-cream in a cone can be really quick and easy, and the possibilities are limitless. It can be done together with the kids as a fun, bonding activity (tasty too!), or to treat visiting friends or family.

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