Pain In Lower Left Abdomen

Pain in lower left abdomen can be caused by many medical reasons.  The medical reasons associated with left abdomen pain may or may not be serious. If it is a simple pain, you could try to alleviate this pain by taking acetaminophen, or Tylenol. Lower abdomen pain could potentially be associated with incidences of gas. Gas can be treated by many home remedies, or over the counter remedies. Many individuals are familiar with their bodies, and are aware when simple issues like this arise, and can treat them without consulting a licensed physician. If the pain is persistent, you are advised to consult a licensed physician. This condition of lower abdominal pain can actually be caused by various medical reasons.  The type of pain can be associated with medical issues associated with lower body organs such kidneys, liver, appendix, or bladder. Many females may experience lower abdomen pain during the menstrual cycle. The kind of pain is common in women during their menstrual cycle, but if the pain seems be untreatable with over the counter medications, or unbearable, a licensed physician should be consulted as the problem could potentially be more serious as it may appear.

Urinary tract infections are one of the many medical reasons for lower left side pain. This type of condition is caused when there is an infection present within the bladder or kidneys.  Lower left abdomen pain is associated with this condition in addition to feelings of having to urinate, foul smelling and cloudy urine, and a burning sensation during urination. Symptoms of urinary tract infections may vary with different age groups. Children sometimes experience fever and or loss of appetite. Adults may experience spots of blood during urination. Older adults may experience lethargy and or headaches.

The pain can be associated with some type of accident. If an individual has had a recent accident, for example, during a football or wrestling game, this could be what could have caused the pain. Many individuals who play or participate in rigorous sports activities could experience abdomen and muscle pain. Many sports or fitness trainers can advise individuals on how to decrease their risks associated with exercise and sports activity. Many accidents associated with these activities can be treated. Exercise increases cardiovascular endurance, and increases circulation. Exercise is actually beneficial for your body, but if your exercise regimen is painful, you should cease activity until after your physician has been consulted.

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