Decorating a Cone of Scooped Ice Cream

Summer has arrived, and with it, the joy of eating ice cream. Though eating ice cream is very fun, decorating a cone of scooped ice cream is by far more fun for children and adults alike. Creatively decorated cones of scooped ice cream are ideal for any summer occasion, from a family get together to a kid’s birthday party.

Decorating ice cream scoops is quick and simple. All you need are a few colourful ingredients to make your ice cream stand out and show off your artistic side. Decorating ice cream is very similar to decorating cakes, and is just as fun.

Decorating an Ice Cream Cone

A yummy way to decorate an ice cream cone is by melting your favourite chocolate in a double boiler. It can be white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Dip the ice cream cone into the melted chocolate, holding it from the pointed part. Cover around half of the cone in chocolate. Before it dries, roll the cone in colourful sprinkles. You can also roll the cone in sugar crystals, sugar pearls, ground or sliced almonds, chocolate chips or crushed cookies. Allow the melted chocolate to dry. This way it will harden, securing the decorations in place. You can also this only for the rim of the cone.

You can fill the cone with Smarties or M&Ms for a sweet surprise after you have eaten the ice cream.

Decorating the Scoops of Ice Cream

A great topping for ice cream scoops is maple syrup, chocolate syrup or honey. If you want a more healthy topping, you can make Fresh Blackberry Sauce. You can find the recipe here :

Sprinkle some coloured sprinkles or hundreds and thousands over the syrup or sauce.

Making Clowns

A fun way to eat ice cream is by creating it into something that children love; clowns.

Take an ice cream cone and place the pointed part facing upwards. Use piped icing or any colour and decorate the ice cream cone, which would be the clown’s hat. Add various colours of icing to make it more colourful. Take white melted chocolate and put dots all around the hat. Press dark chocolate chips over the white chocolate. Allow the clown’s hats to dry and harden.

Fill small bowls with one large scoop of your favourite flavoured ice cream. Place the clown’s hats on each scoop of ice cream. Use Milky Buttons or Cadbury Chocolate Buttons as the clown’s eyes and piped icing or melted chocolate for the nose and mouth.

Have fun decorating your ice cream with every yummy thing you can think of. Enjoy eating ice cream all summer long !

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