Cloudy urine and Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to cloudy urine, but not common.

Drink less water

Dehydration is also responsible for this condition. People always get relatively dehydrated from sleeping at night due to drinking less water, so that the concentration of substances in urine goes up to saturation, and then they will be precipitated.

Amber urine Thus, precipitation of salts in the urine causes urine cloudy, that’s one of the main causes for cloudy urine, and is harmless most of the time. (see also crystals in urine)

And also, the urine color is deepened to deep yellow urine or dark-brown urine. That looks like a tea-colored urine.

This is a normal phenomenon about the condition and its color due to dehydration at night. In other words, as long as you drink enough water, your urine will be changed back to clear and colorless, light yellow or amber urine.

Water loss

Water loss of the body to cause urine dark cloudy is often due to the sweating or while exercising. This also depletes water level in your body to result in dehydration.


Whether drinking less water or water loss, dehydration can make your urine look darker and more concentrated than normal urine’s appearance.

Drink more water can prevent or correct your dehydration, and your urine will be clear and light colored, instead of the cloudy and dark urine. If it still doesn’t go away, see your doctor ASAP.

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