Big Krizz Kaliko & Vitiligo Treatment

Samuel W.C. Watson who is also better known by his stage name Krizz Kaliko,is an American rapper and singer. He belongs to Kansas City, Missouri.

Krizz’s Career:

Big Krizz began his musical career in the late 1990’s when he began working with a local producer IcyRoc Kraven. At the same time, there was another local rapper the “Tech N9ne” who was currently working on a song ,collaborating with IcyRoc.Tech offered up an opportunity to krizz to prove his talent, and when Kaliko proved himself then Tech was blown away with joy by seeingn his excelent command on voice.Since then, Kaliko has often contributed to many Tech N9ne, he has also collaborated with the Kottonmouth Kings, Potluck as well as Twiztid .Recently,Krizz has collaborated with Prozak On his album “Tales From the Sick”.

Krizz‘sPersonal life:

Krizz Kaliko is a married person and he has a son,and he is a vitiligo patient with white spots. His skin is very sensitive to sunlight but on the other hand he can’t be kept in the dark for longer time Mr. Steve ‘Flash’ Juon has said about Krizz like that, the following facts about Krizz Kaliko are all strange but true.

• Kaliko has invented his own hip-hop style called FUNKRA.
• Kaliko’s solo debut cracked the Billboard Top 200 with almost
NO radio play.And perhaps the strangest of all…
• Kaliko suffers from vitiligo, a condition causing patches of his
skin to lose their pigment.

Big Krizz & Vitiligo:

Krizz said to the world that”

“Until now you may have thought “ vitiligo” was a fictitious disease, an invention of the deranged mind of Michael Jackson to explain intentionally bleaching his skin but this all is quite untrue…vitiligo is a disease which exists”.

He said, Mr. Boondocks fans will be familiar with his one the character of Uncle Ruckus, a man who believes he was born white and thus suffers from RE-vitiligo, a condition that ultimately turned his skin black. Whether real or animated both men exist on the fringe of believability, but Krizz has not created or animated any vitiligo story for the shake of his popularity, his real facial picture is prominently displayed on his album’s cover. His songs of debut album show sympathy for every one who has vitiligo.He feels that,
“Those who suffer from this rare skin dysfunction namely vitiligo, are sometimes ostracized from their own peer group due to their strange appearance” He express his feeling about his skin disorder in his one song like that;

“I grew up a young choir boy, Christian-like
Krizz is like the last one you ever think to pick a fight
Kids used to throw rocks at me, when the bus stops at me
Houses would come running out
Leave my brother alone, she would tell ‘em
I’ma kill ‘em momma, if they send him home again yellin
I’ma, erase at least one of ‘em from this place
I hated they make fun of him cause his face
Go on and on, travelling on through adolescence
Teach him a lesson, carry a weapon
Cause that’s the only way to keep ‘em off of me, they teasing me awfully bad
Wish I could take off my mask and I’m asking my momma
Why you think the Lord seen to fit to hit me with this
He could make a different Krizz, if he wanted to
Here’s what I’m gonna do
I’ma tattoo my face and erase this, this is Vitiligo”

Krizz’s debut album, “Vitligo” :

Krizz’s debut album, Vitligo released in 2008,and In its release week, Vitiligo found its way onto several Billboard charts .The title of this album comes from the a skin disorder with which Krizz suffers from, that’s why through the name of this album anyone easily learns that he was stigmatized by his condition.

This album comes after spending several years lending Krizz voice to releases and it contained several guests features and Kaliko’s fellow label mates; like Tech N9ne, Twiztid, and bay area rapper E-40 .Among them the most noticeable was Tech N9ne, who appeared on a good portion of the album.features.

In fact one may quickly suspects that Krizz’s lighting techniques of his facial condition on the album’s cover is just for exaggeration of vitiligo in order to gain money and sympathy but in fact he is supporting vitiligo people and encourage them by making his place in the world despite of being suffering by vitiligo.

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