Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a low carbohydrate diet created by Dr. Robert Atkins from other diet published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association ” and used by him to successfully treat his own obesity. After baptizing with your name, later popularized the plan in several books, the first of which was ” Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution ” published in 1972. In other editions of the book changed some of his ideas, but kept the basics of the original design . Dr. Atkins died in 2003 and the company he founded went bankrupt in 2005. In January 2006 the company was refloated . Atkins is now a license that distributes food and related products through its trademark.

What is Atkins Diet?

When born , it was a whole new concept of what can be a diet . Nobody until then dared to recommend a dietary pattern fully considered harmful. The diet allowed to eat any amount of proteins and fats, including animal fats , but drastically reduced carbohydrates , especially refined . Atkins said there were two major unknown factors in the “civilized ” diets that lead to obesity . First , carbohydrates , particularly sugar , flour , and corn syrup with high fructose. Second , the fact that saturated fat was considered an important food problem. The reality was – according Atkins – that saturated fats have a very important role in the development of vascular disease, obesity and cholesterol. The real problem (this came later ) were the “trans” fats derived from hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and did influence a lot more in these diseases. Accordingly , Dr. Atkins recommended changing eating habits (and corresponding pyramids) , indicating that the huge increase in obesity and metabolic disorders of the twentieth century had its cause in the consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined . Therefore, Atkins program carbohydrate restriction advocated as a means to force the body’s metabolism to change the use of glucose as fuel and replace stored fat in our body. This process is called ketosis and can be easily recognized by the strong smell of acetone in the breath of those who follow the plan. To achieve this , our insulin level should be low.

How to Start?

There are four phases :

  • induction
  • Weight loss
  • Pre – maintenance
  • Maintained throughout life


The induction phase of the food is first model of Atkins diet food list. It is very restrictive and it intends to get the body to the state of ketosis . The consumption of carbohydrates is limited to 20 net grams per day (minus the fiber) , from salad greens and other vegetables like broccoli , spinach , thistles , green beans and asparagus. The Atkins Diet allows you to eat any amount of meat , fish, crustaceans and shellfish, poultry, and eggs up to 4 ounces ( 113 g ) of semi – fluid or soft cheese , butter and vegetable oils. You have to drink at least 2 liters of water during this phase. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited and caffeine in moderation is allowed or prohibited in clear case addiction. It also recommends a daily supplement of vitamins and minerals. It is in this phase induction when more drastic weight loss occurs, especially if combined with daily exercise .

Weight loss

The current phase of weight loss (OWL ) of the diet is a gradual increase in the consumption of carbohydrates , increasing the dose to 5 grams daily each new week . A goal in OWL is to find the “critical carbohydrate level for losing weight ” and learn how to control the uncontrolled appetite , desire for foods not allowed . The OWL phase lasts until weight is placed at less than 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms ) of weight to be achieved . During this phase, more types and quantities of plants accepted induction should be incorporated into the diet , for example , asparagus , salad , cauliflower and a little avocado . One should follow the scale of carbohydrate Dr. Atkins and add fresh dairy products. The ladder has 9 rungs and each must be added each week in the established order . The steps are:

  • Vegetable accepted induction
  • Fresh milk products
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Berries and berries
  • Alcohol
  • Legumes
  • Other fruits
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Grains

Pre – maintenance

Carbohydrate intake is increased again at 5 grams a day each week of the scale. The goal of this phase of this diet plan is find the “Critical Carbohydrate Level for Maintenance” , the maximum number of carbohydrates you can eat without gaining weight . This may well be above the level of carbohydrates that produce ketosis . In that case , it would be necessary to maintain such ketosis .

Maintenance lifetime

This phase lasts the rest of life. It is to the habits acquired in the previous phases , and avoid returning to the previous weight continue .

Study: Romance Doesn’t Have to Die

Good news for everyone who is worried that love eventually dwindles into a less sizzling form of companionship. A new study has found that romance can actually improve rather than decline in long-term relationships.

Dr. Bianca Acevedo, then at Stony Brook University (currently at University of California, Santa Barbara), and Dr. Arthur Aron, of Stony Brook University, reviewed 25 studies with 6,070 individuals in short- and long-term relationships, classifying the relationships in each of the studies as romantic, passionate (romantic with obsession) or friendship-like love and categorized them as long- or short-term. Unsurprisingly, those who reported greater romantic love were more satisfied in their long-term relationships than those who classified their love as companion-like. The study appears in the March issue of Review of General Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association.

The study challenges the belief that romantic love generally declines and companionship love tends to evolve and grow if things are going well in the relationship. “When taking a closer look, it seems like some people were still very much in love,” says Acevedo. “They just weren’t crazy.” Acevedo says that people often erroneously believe that romantic love and passionate love are the same. “Romantic love has the intensity, engagement and sexual chemistry that passionate love has, minus the obsessive component.” She adds that passionate or obsessive love helps drive shorter relationships but not longer ones.

This recent study may change people’s expectations of what they want in long-term relationships, according to Acevedo, with companionship love, which is what many couples see as the natural progression of a successful relationship, coming to be seen as an unnecessary compromise. “Couples should strive for love with all the trimmings,” Acevedo says. “For some people, stagnation might be a desirable state, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And couples who’ve been together a long time and wish to get back their romantic edge should know it is an attainable goal that, like most good things in life, requires energy and devotion.”

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

There are plenty of reviews that you can find online and you will be surprised about the product. Whenever a new type of diet supplement is introduced people get excited and tend to jump on it without reading reviews about the product. If you have heard about Garcinia Cambogia diet supplement it can be the time to start reading reviews.

How it Works?

Garcinia Cambogia is a good food supplement for weight loss. It contains powerful anti oxidants that helps the body to get rid of unwanted fats. It is a Taramid extract which can only be found in India and other countries in South East Asia. The fruit contains Hydroxycitric acid which is a mother nature’s way for weight loss. Each diet supplement has its own way in helping the body shed off the unwanted fats buts what amazing about the Garcinia is that it can do all the things that each weight loss supplement does. According to many reviews the product is a fat burner, metabolic booster, appetite suppressant, carb blocker, and fat blocker.

The product works on natural ways to help you lose weight effectively. The product supports appetite control, which means that you can effectively curb your hunger. Also, the product acts as your body’s natural anti-oxidant that supports your body’s overall good health. In addition, the product works on helping your body to lose weight by inhibiting the production of fats that normally happens when you eat too much.

What to look for Reviews

When reading different reviews make sure to pay close attention to the products key features. This will give a better understanding about the product and what are the benefits that you can get in taking the weight loss supplement. There are lots of reviews that you will find showing the significant effects of Garcinia Cambogia and why it is considered more effective that others weight loss supplements. All good things about the product that heard are true but probably you do not know about the Dual Action Fat Buster.

The Dual Action Fat Faster is tagged with the Garcinia as it functions in two different ways to burn fats. First, the weight loss supplement suppresses your appetite and not allowing your body to feel hungry unless it’s the right time to eat. Second, the product decreases the size of your fat cells and eliminating them as they grew smaller.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal in Five Steps

Losing weight is a personal and very individual process that needs to be taken seriously and achieved through a planned methodology. In order to lose and also to keep weight off, you may well need to alter your current lifestyle patterns. If you follow the following five steps, you too can create a working strategy that will be easy for you to follow in order that you achieve your weight loss goal.

1. Program Yourself for Success

You can program your self for success by setting a very specific goal that you intend to achieve. Remember that losing weight means you need to alter your own current thought and behavior patterns. So set achievable goals for both your emotions and your physical body.

By that, I mean you don’t just want to set vague goals such as, “I want to lose some weight.” You need to be more specific. Ask yourself these questions:

How much weight do I want to lose?

How long do I want it to take?

How do I want to feel?

Do this useful mental exercise to help you bring the answers to these questions into you thoughts. Close your eyes, relax and then use your imagination to visualize yourself after you’ve reached the goals that you set for yourself. Use this visualization to experience the feeling of commitment and inner strength you posses upon achieving these goals.

2. Create a Plan

To be really successful, you need to create a working plan of how you are going to achieve your goal. Work out a detailed strategy that you can stick to because willpower alone is not enough! To lose weight and make sure that you keep it off, it is important to have a strategy.

Set yourself up so that you can plan ahead. Throw away your expandable clothes, steer clear of fast food and other junky foods and make sure you store only healthy food in your refrigerator and pantry.

3. Identify Small Steps that are Measurable

You have to remember this is your weight loss program. So implement only those small, workable steps that fit in with your lifestyle, not some other person’s.

Move towards a positive goal of being slim and healthy, rather than away from merely being fat. Each small, measured step you take will bring you ever closer to becoming the person that you want to be in the long run.

4. Work to a Realistic Timeline

This should be something that is achievable by you. Ask yourself where you will be in a month, or six months, or a year from now. Fit your goals to fit in with your calendar and then make sure you stick to them.

You shouldn’t expect to see huge results occur overnight. You need to take some time to alter your lifestyle little by little and that way you will alter your body’s weight gradually and healthily without forcing it to do what it was not designed to do. You’ll find that by setting a reasonable time to achieve your goal, you will be much more motivated to reach it because it won’t seem out of reach.

5. Monitoring and Accountability

When you know that you will have to report the details of your progress to someone, it’s a fact that you’ll be far more likely to stick to your plan and achieve success.

Get together with somebody that you trust. Someone that will give you the support you need when you need it and be there to celebrate your victories when you achieve them!

Tuberculosis Symptoms

The tuberculosis history begins in the antiquity, studies performed by scientists on ancient egiptian mummies have indicated that they were affected by tuberculosis.

But the first written references from the tuberculosis history appear from the greeks. Hippocrates was the first to identify tuberculosis and write about it. He noted that it was a very common disease that caused a lot of deaths.

No other references to tuberculosis were made since Hippocrates until the seventeenth century. In this point the tuberculosis history starts.

The tuberculosis symptoms depend on which part of the body is affected and they may vary from one patient to another. The tuberculosis bacteria can attack all the organs from the body but in the majority of cases it infects the lungs.

The cause of tuberculosis is a bacteria or a germ that can be passed from one person to another through prolonged close contact between a healthy person and an infected one, especially if the infected patients do not cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. Only a small part of those that become infected with the bacteria develop active tuberculosis. In the beginning its symptoms are mild or no symptoms appear without any tuberculosis test, so most people don’t seek medical advice until the disease progresses and starts to seriously affect the body.

Since at most people no tuberculosis symptoms appear in the beginning, it is often discovered during routine tests. However, a few tuberculosis symptoms are detected at most patients. These are the most common symptoms that were reported by a large number of people with tuberculosis:

– coughing that produces a sputum

– feelings of fatigue and sickness

– weight loss and appetite loss

– light fever

– pain in the chest

– sweating during the night

If you experience any of the tuberculosis symptoms and you live or work in a crowded environment where you come into contact with a lot of people you should immediately consult a doctor and ask for a tuberculosis test. The doctor will perform some tests on you which will determine if you have tuberculosis or not. If the results are positive the treatment must begin. Tuberculosis treatment may last up to one year, but if it is started early the disease can be cured.

Other Reference – Dr. Santa – what does tb test look like

Ingrown Hair Removal

Hair removal has recently become a larger part of westernised beauty regimes and expectations. Brought on by the perceived expectations and social norms created by the media, body ingrown hair removal is considered part of every day life for men and women alike. While in the past it was mainly women that were concerned with getting rid of unwanted hair, changing times have seen men jump on the band wagon and take an interest in unwanted hair removal technique.

Both men and women remove many different types of body hair, from facial, to head and bodily using an array of different methods of body and facial hair removal.

While some unwanted hair removal is simply fitted into every day life, some people suffer from excess amounts of unwanted hair in places like the face, bikini line and underarm. Women who struggle with too much hair in these areas often look for more advanced and more permanent methods of hair loss.

A new product, which is slightly different to common processes of hair removal like laser hair treatment or electrolysis, is the no!no! Hair. This revolutionary new product uses Thermicon technology to heat and burn hair and hair follicles in an effort to permanently destroy them, preventing regrowth. If women prefer to stick to more common methods, like laser hair removal, advanced products like the Rio Laser Hair Removal can do the job, from the comfort of your own home rather than a salon or beautician.

Hair Removal Methods

Shaving : shaving is the most widely used form of hair removal especially for ingrown pubic hair, mostly due to its convenience and its instant results. It only removes the hair above the skin though, so regrowth is very quick, it can take as little as a day for regrowth to start showing. Another downfall of shaving is that is can irritate the skin and cause rashes and ingrown hairs.

Plucking : plucking is mainly used on smaller areas where there is unwanted hair, and works particularly well if you are trying to shape something, like you eyebrows for example. It is quite painful and a time consuming method, but works effectively in areas with less hair. As it plucks hair from the follicle, it takes longer to grow back.

Depilation : apart from shaving, the most common form of depilation is hair removal creams. If you have a history of allergic reactions, seek the advice of your doctor before trying any hair removing creams though, as they can irritate sensitive skins. . Many hair remover creams are effective and also inhibit future hair growth.

Hot Waxing : waxing is a very effective, common method of hair removal. If done correctly, hair can take up to two months to grow back, as hair is removed from the follicle. It is considered the most painful method of removing hair however, and is prone to infections and ingrown hairs.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal : laser beam is considered a long-lasting hair removing technique as it generally destroys the hair and the hair follicle in the process. Because of this, hair regrowth can not occur at all, or up to 6 months after treatment. It is available in beauty salons or at home with products like the Rio Scanning Laser.

Electrolysis : electrolysis uses two primary hair removal methods to permanently remove hair. They are: galvanic (chemically destroys hair follicle) and thermolytic (uses heat to destroy hair follicle). It takes several months before any hair regrowth is noted if it grows back at all.

Oral Medications : These can be used if none of the hair removing methods seem to address your particular problem. These are not as common as obvious hair removing methods and products.

no!no! Hair : this new revolutionary hair remover treatment uses special Thermicon technology to remove unwanted hair. It also inhibits future hair regrowth by up to 64%. After regular use hair regrowth will take longer and hopefully cease.

Which Product is Right for you?

When selecting a ingrown hair remover product, it is important to consider your hair type, the thickness and color of your hair, and how much time and money you are willing to spend for removing hair. Some products require regular, consistent use for best results while others are quick fixes, so it really depends on your lifestyle and how dedicated you are to permanently cease hair growth on certain parts of your body.

Bubbles under skin rash

Last Monday I had some sort of skin tag rash on my arm Neath but could see only a little burnt when I feel the next day I see a lot a grain that things in my skin a little bit of my arm but I thought it was a kind of flea that was very hungry, or something then the weekend becomes small blister like bubbles. my stepfather told me it was scabies and i’m sorta scared, how do I get rid of them and what kind of marks factory known lotion or anything in the store I can get or do I just have to get prescription from my doc or something … How do I get rid of them!

Before beginning treatment of skin tags or ants, but their theme, you need a medical opinion to confirm the diagnosis. His description of the injuries do not meet the criteria for the diagnosis of his stepfather suggests …. Sounds more like a topic eczema, and diagnosis of scabiasis, is made in the office, by extracting a larva or eggs of Sarcoptes scabiae (errors that makes tunnels in the skin and lays its eggs under the epidermis), with a special needle, and seeing the larva under a microscope ….. Use ointments stand like that, only distort the actual diagnosis and appropriate treatment is delayed …….. Make sure the first diagnosis is the rule gold ….

Sebastian ‘bubble boy’ first transplant anniversary

What causes white vaginal discharge in women?

White vaginal discharge can occur for many reasons. This makes many women extremely embarrassed and they don’t want to visit doctor. They also don’t share with their problems with friends or partner from obvious reason – itching and burning is not the best topic to talk with them.

Cure is right there

In fact in most cases those discharge is cause by small infection and you can cure them quite fast and cheap at home. The first step should be determining types of issue and choosing the best treatment method.

How to find the cause of white vaginal discharge in women quickly

The first way is to determine what color of discharge you have – it could be white, grey, yellow or green. You should also find the symptoms that occur for example itching, burning, rash or even bad small or odor. These ones could help you to find the cause of your problems and choose the best treatment which will work quickly, cheaply and at home. It could be for example yeast infection or bacterial vaginal infection. You need to remember that you should take action as quick as possible to prevent serious health problems. We remind you once again to complete our evaluation to find cause and cure for your problems – it’s probably the best way to permanently solve your health issues.

At the moment there are many cures for women infection but not all of them really work. In case you are not sure what type of your infection is or you see blood, you should definitely visit a doctor.

What To Take For Heartburn When Pregnant

What to take for heartburn when pregnant is a nightmare for me whenever there’s something fishy as that concerns it. You may reckon that I’m out in left field. It is salient for that news to be accurate. Many blokes agree with that. As I said, it is the intent of this installment to give you quite a few tips on what to take for heartburn when pregnant. I actually don’t care about that. Because that is rather crucial, here are the irreversible facts as it relates to what to take for heartburn when pregnant. I was chilled to the core. There has been a steady expansion of feelings in regard to what to take for heartburn when pregnant. There are many guidelines we need to follow. There are dramatic slants on that lengthy topic. How can nuts take quality what to take for heartburn when pregnant recommendations? Statistically, this is good to have. The reality of this is the fact this any what to take for heartburn when pregnant will work.

Even though, all this can change for them as well.

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Platforms you can play retro games

There are various platforms from which you can play retro games. Current game consoles, such as the Wii U, have retro game options. Or you can play retro game Roms with Window emulator software. There are also a number of websites that include a variety of Web-based retro game emulators for numerous consoles.

A Web-based retro game emulator is an Adobe Flash or Java console emulator. They are emulators that can be run directly from your browser window. Aside from a browser, and perhaps required plug-in, no additional software is required to play the retro games. These are a few of the great websites that include Web-based retro game emulators for various game consoles.


Check out the website for a great collection of 16-bit SNES games. In all there are 1,861 SNES games on the site such as Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda and Killer Instinct. Click on one of the game shots to open their Adobe Flash emulator which should take less than a minute to get going (but is actually a little longer loading than others). You can then select to play as one player, or alternatively two players via the Intranet.

The site’s emulator has various additional options. Press F11 to enable the full-screen mode for its games. You can also configure the keyboard controls by selecting the spanner icon at the bottom left of the emulator. If you sign in to the website you can also return to previously saved games with their emulator.


NESBox.Com is actually a part of the same site as SNESBox.Com. From the SNESBox.Com page click on the NESBox.Com tab to open the NES game library. NESBox has a collection of 8-bit NES games which you can play from your browser in much the same way as SNESBox.


For SEGA fans the SSega.Com is one of the best sites for Web-based retro game emulators. The site has over a thousand 16-bit SEGA Genesis games. Click one of the games’ boxes to get it up and running in your browser. Select the option at the bottom left of the game box to switch to full-screen mode. This site also includes cheat codes for its various games.


The NESCafe website is one dedicated to retro NES games, and has a Java emulator for them. From the site’s home page click on the Play Game tab. Then you can select a NES retro game from its index. Each of the games has Game Genie codes below them which you can select to unlock cheats. If you register with the site you can also save your games with those that have save options.

Emulation Collective

The Emulation Collective website is one of the best for Web-based retro game emulators. As it has a Java Runtime emulator a Java plug-in will be required to play the games. However, it is stated on their website that they are going to introduce a new site emulator based on NaCI (Native Client).

Emulation Collective has emulators for five alternative console platforms. NES, Master System, Game Gear, SNES and Game Boy games can be played from the website. ClassicSegaOnline is the most recent addition, and that can support up to 99 percent of Master System and Game Gear games. Unlike some of the other sites there is no full-screen mode for their retro games emulators. Emulation Collective also has a forum which you can post to if registered with the site.


Not the best known game console perhaps, but nevertheless there is still a site which has retro TurboGarfx 16 games online. TurboGrafx 16.Net includes a variety of the console’s games which you can open from the home page. After opening a game, press Shift F to switch to its full-screen mode and Shift S to save games.

From those websites you can play a great number of retro games for up to seven alternative console platforms without any additional emulator software. Generally they are dominated by Nintendo and SEGA console games, but there are a few that include emulators for alternative platforms. Check out the links above to go to the sites where you’ll find plenty of classic retro games.